Stars of the Lid: And Their Refinement Of LP

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This is the first time this monumental album has been available on the vinyl format in five years. "I simply feel that they are making the most important music of the 21st century." - Ivo Watts-Russell (4AD label founder) // "Crushingly sad, lightly melancholic, or even uplifting, depending on the state of mind of the hearer... a sound divorced from intention and its ambiguity is its strength." - Pitchfork // "The sound of deep sea disintegration... a work of art." - Tiny Mix Tapes // "Music of such quiet and devastating power it can silence a room in five minutes without the volume knob on the stereo being manipulated. Deeply moving... virtually anyone who encounters it will be in some way moved by the impure music it contains." - AllMusic // "Traces the fluid contours of a void through diaphanous lines that reveal all of its miasmal abstraction." - Dusted // "A two-hour juggernaut of careful dynamics and warm tones." - XLR8R.

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