Sell Us Your Records

We love buying old records, who doesn't! And we'd love to buy your old records, whether you just need to sell a few to make room for more, or you are selling your uncle's 5000 piece collection, we are interested.

But just because you have records and they are old doesn't mean we'll buy them. Condition is a huge part of the value of your records. We can't buy scratched or warped records, nor records with badly damaged covers. If your records have mold, please don't bring them in, you should probably throw those out ASAP. 

Also, a lot of records from the 70s and 80s while great, also sold MILLIONS of copies and thus are quite common, so unfortunately we won't be buying anymore copies of Glass Houses. And sadly, while classical is great, there also is a lot of it out there and unless you have 20th century stuff (Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, Stockhausen, etc) we likely won't buy those either. Country like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson are great, but other than the big classics, we don't buy much country either. Big band, 50s popular, polka, and show tunes are also all a no go.

But don't worry, there's lots of things we do buy! We love Punk, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Electronic, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, New Wave, Psych, Soundtracks, Blues, Folk, International, Reggae, etc. 

If you've just got a few feel free to bring em down and we should be able to look at them on the spot.

If you've got 100 or more, it's best to call us first and confirm a good time for us to look at them, as we do like to look at everything before making an offer.

If you've got a lot of great or collectable stuff, it is sometimes best if you can leave them with us for a few days so we can make you the best offer possible.