Streator, Pontiac: Triz LP

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Pontiac Streator’s debut solo 2LP on Motion Ward featuring appearances form Ulla & Mister Water Wet, following a run of collabs with Ulla on West Mineral, and with Exael as ‘Micro Incubus’. Is there a name for this stuff yet? The West Mineral/Experiences/Motion Ward aesthetic is a kinda modern counterpart to the Chain Reaction nucleus splintering out into refracted and interconnected directions at the turn of the century, most immediately with Pole and his Scape label in Germany, but then further afield with Vladislav Delay’s Huume and Kit Clayton’s brilliant and mad Orthlorng Musork, as well as more experimental labels like Tonschacht - all of which had roots in that fizzing dub sound. The West Mineral axis - as we shall call it for a mo - is similarly ephemeral and evolving; but at its heart is a smudged and zonked vibe that’s perhaps a key signifier of our time. On ‘Triz’, Pontiac Streator imagines a metamorphic landscape that shifts and pulls with weighty pressure amid a backdrop of humid, amorphous atmospheres - most notably on the uon-esque shuffle of ‘Triz Cohors pt. 3’, and the cave-like echos of ‘Lamp Fest’. By no means a gloomy affair though, a tender sense of optimism radiates throughout - with light shining through the cracks on the almost balearic ’Trizlang Gem (featuring Ulla) and the dampened chimes of ‘Angelus Spit (featuring Mister Water Wet), eventually culminating in the rekkid's most hopeful moment, the blissful ‘Transier Unt’. Pure smoke this one.

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