Omni Gardens & Zen Monk Jogen: New Directions in Meditation Tonalities CS

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Jogen Salzberg is a Buddhist teacher, counselor, soundscape deejay, drummer and previously lived as a monk for 15 years. Omni Gardens is the ambient/new age project of Steve Rosborough, designer and owner of Moon Glyph records. "New Directions in Meditation Tonalities" is our collaboration after meeting in Portland through our mutual love for old new age tapes, experimental jazz and ambient music. "There are hidden everyday mystics, always, somewhere, some now, merged intimately with the aural field, feeling/knowing themselves as the sourceless-source of sound, being sourced forth by speaker’s speech, cat’s meows, traffics howl, the wind’s whisper through the shrubs and trees, cascading footsteps falling amidst the symphony of the city… You can join them. Listen carefully at the horizon of being, this intimate instant - Does the sound come to the ear or the ear to the sound? Neither. Close your eyes and let these tones enter, permeate and express WITHIN and AS your body. That body is a body of bright emptiness. These sounds stream forth as the shimmer of your vibrance. Activate the wave-blessing through sky-like, vivid reception. Source and Recipient are One Great Circle. Be undone in deep listening devotion. Become a clear space for the sounds to unfold within. Listen with the eyes. Be an empty resonating chamber, clear but full of vibrations. Be like a vast ear. Enacting Openness, interior and exterior sounds blend, Light and Dark intermingle, clouds and moon dance flow-motion in Sky. Listen from your Deep.

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