Nurse With Wound: Lumb's Sister LP

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"Newly remastered from the original analogue tapes by Denis Blackham. "This music was originally conceived as raw material for the film project 'Lumb's Sister' by Chris Wallis. During the long evolution of his movie, Chris decided to use alternative source sounds and subsequently none of these pieces ever made it onto the completed film." [label info]

"Back in 1990, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, and Sol Invictus issued a 3lp set of their works, all of which was suitably occult and suitably dark. By the middle of the decade, both C93 and Sol Invictus had reissued their own material on individual discs, but Steven Stapleton / Nurse With Wound never did until some 25 years later. As such, that boxset became quite a prize possession for NWW aficionados; and it was originally composed to be the soundtrack to a film by Chris Wallis, an occasional contributor to Nurse With Wound and Current 93 in the late '80s. The film itself had been notoriously unfinished for decades, with cans of film getting lost over the years; and when Wallis finally got around to completing a cut of the film, the original soundtrack was unused, instead Wallis picked over various bits from the Nurse With Wound catalog as the score. So, Lumb's Sister the Nurse With Wound album has nothing anymore to do with Lumb's Sister the film by Chris Wallis. Stapleton's response? "Aw, shucks." A quintessentially obscurant recording of quintessential Nurse With Wound strategies, Lumb's Sister laces eerie vocalizations that are often sped up conversations on tape machines amongst distended drones from various bowed metals, elongated vocal utterances, and stringed instruments that all amass into a bellowing darkly illumined thrum. Its closest companion in the Nurse With Wound catalogue would be the elegant piece of minimalism found on Soliloquy For Lilith and the Tibet / Stapleton drone-chant epic The Sadness Of Things. This cd version contains much more material than the original lp, also including Nurse With Wound's subtle variation of Coil's "How To Destroy Angels." As with anything that Stapleton touches, this is a work of genius." [Aquarius Records]

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