Masin, Gigi & Jonny Nash: Postcards from Nowhere LP

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**Note.. this album's 'deluxe' packaging and the way it was shipped resulted in minor scuffing on the LPs, they are all like this, there are no replacements, buy knowing it's imperfect. Still a beautiful album, and plays very well despite the marks.**

Housed in truly delectable packaging, further results of Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash’s time inside the French Pavillion of the Venice Beinnale 2017 surface on Melody As Truth, in a limited edition vinyl pressing. 

An exquisitely tactile product, both in terms of the artwork and music, ‘Postcards From Nowhere’ relays six wistful collaborations between ambient maestro Gigi Masin on guitar and Jonny Nash’s tinkling piano tones. Married in harmonic serenity at Xavier Veilhan’s recording studio-cum-installation in the french pavilion’s unique acoustic environment, the results are faithful to what you may have come to expect from these modern ambient masters, gently and beautifully colouring the space with ribboning lines of melodic thought and plangent harmonics captured by a variety of microphones. 

In a sense the recording feel to bridge a gap between “proper” studio recording and live performance; the rustling sounds of visiting audiences and creaking chairs are audible in-the-mix, lending a sort of surface noise-like crackle that seeps into the immaculate strokes and strums of the players, at best in the plangent dialogue of ‘Interstellar’ and the genteel whims of ‘Girl With No Name.’ 

Presented at the behest of London-based design and branding agency Commission, and developed by them with photographer Luke Evans and Parisian print Atelier Imprimerie du Marais, the music and its packaging arguably form a humble yet highly luxurious form of gesamtkunstwerk.

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