Gonzalez, Delia/Gavin Russom: The Days Of Mars LP

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Double album of blissed out beatless Krautrock influenced soundscapes on DFA Records. The sounds on these recordings were made by layering live takes of keyboards & other instruments, many of which were designed and built specifically for this album. The Days of Mars is the debut album from artists Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom. It was released on October 10, 2005. All the music was created by layering live takes of custom built synthesizers and other instruments." DFA duo skips stones across the same cosmic lake as forefathers Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, and Mike Oldfield. (...) Still, in a landscape full of seen and unseen phenomena, where the unknown seems almost passé, Gonzalez and Russom make music for taking things in stride. By turns bleak and beautiful, this is music for a new, but vaguely familiar world." - Pitchfork

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