Various: DFA Compilation #2 LP

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Behold, Compilation #2. A compendium what are arguably the best prime-era DFA cuts, mostly all recorded and/or remixed at the old DFA Studios on W. 13th Street (with some notable exceptions), released as 12-inches and then compiled onto a 3xCD set for convenience because, at the time, people actually bought CDs more than vinyl. Now, in the spirit of time not really being much of a linear thing anymore, and for their own selfish desire to have this version of Liquid Liquid's "Bellhead," produced by the DFA, finally committed to wax, DFA Records has reverse engineered this thing back onto vinyl and presented it as a four-record boxed set. They went back and found the master tapes or files for each song - a not insignificant effort given the label's habit of disorganization. They then rather painstakingly resequenced and remastered it with the guy they trust with such things: Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The lacquers Bob cut were plated and pressed at what DFA believe to be one of the best pressing plants in the country: QRP in Salina, Kansas. It sounds remarkable. It looks great (Rob Carmichael re-did the original packaging, adding a new photo from DFA OG Tim Saccenti from one of the original parties at W. 13th St.).

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