Cosmic Jokers: Galactic Supermarket LP

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The second Cosmic Jokers album, though originally not released under their name, offers another pair of sidelong roller-coaster rides into the cosmic void from the same musicians as the first album, with added vocals from guitarist Göttsching's girlfriend, Rosi Muller, and producer Kaiser's girlfriend Gille Lettmann. Whereas the Ash Ra Tempel elements were more dominant on the earlier record, this one relies more heavily on the conventional psychedelic sounds of the Wallenstein faction, though not to the point where it loses that loose Ash Ra vibe. Side one, "Kinder des Alles," begins with a funky driven beat before collapsing into a strange synth-saturated sound, falling deep into ambient space until eventually the track propels back into another galloping rhythm. The second side, "Galactic Supermarket," is even better as Göttsching's wah-wah guitar becomes more pronounced, riffing off Grosskopf's precise drumbeats. Like the first album, the tracks build up to a frenzy, die back down into abstract free form, before building back up, at times getting into a funky space-groove that outdoes Hawkwind. The women mostly add yells, whispers, screams, and spoken word with heavy effects, but there are long instrumental passages as well. Schulze's incredible synth tones sometimes threaten to drown out the rest of the band, and Dollase even adds some piano along with his usual Mellotron. Though not quite as organic or as unusual as the first record, Galactic Supermarket rocks even harder in some sections, and gets even further out into space in others.

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