Zelanda, Neo: Mix Zelanea LP

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First time reissue of this much sought-after record on the highly collectable Spanish experimental label Auxilio de Cientos. Debut album by Ani Zinc, member of the Spanish experimental duo Diseño Corbusier and co-founder of the iconic record label Auxilio de Cientos. Originally released in 1986, this record is a showcase of her radical blueprint, comprising sound collages and voice experiments, and also welcomes the use of conventional instruments such as drum machines and keyboards, resulting a richer and more diverse outcome. Formed in 1981, NEO ZELANDA was the way of expression of a woman, Ani Zinc, who since then began to experiment with vocal music, manipulated tapes or sound collages. As a child, radio had been her only contact with music. She received her first shock listening to 'Remember Love', the repetitive song by Yoko Ono. She later found out about Llorenç Barber, Spanish experimental music pioneer. After recording a single (“Paso Hambre”) and several cassettes (“Radio-Sabotage”, “Ese Lenguaje”), which helped her to gain international recognition, and the inclusion of her work in various contemporary cultural centers (Juan March Foundation, among others), her first LP saw the light of day in 1986 on her own label, Auxilio de Cientos (also home to Diseño Corbusier, pioneer Belgian EBM/Industrial band The Klinik, and the amazing compilations “Pas De Deux” and “Terra Incognita”). “Mix Zelanea” brings together part of her experimental work with voices and sound effects (‘Si Esto Es Amor’ or ‘Il Drama’), together with new compositions, in which she is accompanied by some friends and welcomes the use of conventional instruments such as drum machines, keyboards, etc, resulting a richer and more diverse outcome (‘Alemana Mix’, ‘Extenso Mundo Brillante’, etc).

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