White Light/ Jo Bogaert: Whale LP

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After cropping up on a compilation EP (STREP-039) last year with the brooding balm of ‘Ambient Kinsky’, Jo Bogaert aka Thomas De Quincey (and tonnes more monikers) ‘fesses up to these languid and pretty cheesy cuts dating to his early years, spanning the Lemmiwinks-like strums and vox of ‘I Want You To Know Me’ and the prog-folk of ‘I Hear A Whale Song’ as part of White Light alongside Johan Guns, Kris Michiels, and Toon Vantilborgh, while the other two come from his 1983 solo album ‘None Of Them Are Green’, and follow his nose for black clad goth-rock and pop strums, including the vinegary strokes of ‘So Obscene.’

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