Various: Intermission LP

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Ghost Box compile entirely new and exclusive material from Roj, Plone, Belbury Poly, The Advisory Circle, Die Dosis macht das Gift, Pye Corner Audio, The Focus Group, Justin Hopper, Beautify Junkyards, Sharron Kraus, ToiToiToi and more on this intimate label group portrait. Looking to string together the gaps or pauses in collective cultural memory and tie them into a meditative narrative for downtimes like these, ‘Intermission’ cradles your attention carefully with a gentle flow of ambient gestures that twinkle with a promise of yesteryear. Belbury Poly and Justin Hopper follow work on 2019’s ‘Chanctonbury Rings’ with an introductory manifesto that plays out across the quiet charms of The Advisory Circle’s analog tears in ‘Airflow’, the parquet calisthenics of Plone’s ‘Running and Jumping’, and an absolute jam from Roj in ‘The Animal Door’, with exquisite uchronic-ethnographic treats in store from Toi Toi Toi and a pair of gilded night slugs from Pye Corner Audio that bring the dancefloor tantalisingly within sight.

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