Universal Veil: Helios LP

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The Universal Veil is a duo comprised of Sam McLoughlin (Twisted Nerve, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment) and Folklore Tapes head honcho David Chatton Barker. Their improvised live performances with their own handmade "ritual instruments" are by turns meditative, trancelike, joyous and surreal. Helios/Hind is a fascinating sonic artifact which unearths lo-fi cassette recordings from several years of past performances and weaves them together into a new whole, using an array of esoteric processes. It is possessed by the same spirit of mystery and discovery that is present at their live shows, where unusual sounds are spontaneously generated, recycled and transmuted into a deeply strange, magical and psychedelic soundscape which at times feels like it has a life of its own. Housed in a manila die-cut sleeve with a sun scorched sigil branded on the reverse and packaged with an insert pamphlet with triangulation notes; pressed at Vinyl Factory, UK; limited to 231 hand-numbered copies.

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