Tyler, The Creator: Goblin LP

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“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are a 10-deep hip-hop collective. But don’t dare call them the new Wu-Tang Clan. They insist they’re different. The collective features rappers, producers, visual artists, skate kids, contrarians, outcasts, amoral teenagers, and fatherless children. Their de facto leader is a 19-year-old who calls himself Tyler, the Creator AKA Ace Creator. He is a rapper-producer. His album, Bastard, is among the most stunning things released in the past 12 months. He possesses a charred, viscous groan of a voice; sometimes he manipulates the frequency to make it even deeper and darker.”- Pitchfork

“The last thing you’d say about the prolific young rap collective Odd Future is that they’re boring. You could say a lot of things about them, but you can’t say that they’re just like everyone else.. You know what else? They’re really good. Especially their ringleader, called Tyler The Creator. And another thing? It’s awesome to see them play live. It’s thrilling to hear him (Tyler), to witness him teetering on the line between an insular tribe of hardcore fans and the rest of the world. It’s been a long time since rap has had someone this unknowable at center stage. It’s been a long time since rap fans have been encouraged, even activated, to be weird. And it’s been even longer since rap fans have felt part of the process. There is potential in Tyler and in Odd Future’s fans to embrace new sounds and ideas that don’t resolve. It’s exciting because, with them, I don’t know what’s next.” - NPR

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