Trees Speak: Trees Speak LP

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First repress in limited edition of Trees Speak's debut album. Trees Speak's self-titled debut is the band's first of five albums they've produced in half a decade, and it is finally getting its worldwide reissue to their fans' long-awaited anticipation. Before their first album, they planned to create music with an unrehearsed approach performing simple beats, riffs, sequences, and going by instinct. They endeavored to create an auditory environment that let the listener's mind to be set free of tone, melody, and structure. They began to experiment with sounds, blending vintage aesthetics and equipment, which led them on an unexpected journey into creating and producing records. Always with their roots in 1960s-70s jazz, rock n' roll, and experimental music they began to experiment with live sound performances and performance art. The band's live performances dramatically captured their idea of merging early experimental music such as Dada, John Cage, and early electronic experimental music. While their music might seem organic and unrehearsed, the band has developed a creative way of communicating ideas into sound using visual art. For example, they use diagrams when communicating a musical idea. The band often refers to musical diagrams to express dynamics, chords, key signatures, and emotional expressions. These graphic notations are a template to communicate esoteric concepts, which they ingeniously transform into their music. They also use this form of illustrated art expression during live performances and in-studio recordings. It is a simple way to explain an overarching idea through music and art. Trees Speak are: Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz.

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