Silver Jews: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea LP

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Silver Jews make quintessentially American popular music - but "Suffering Jukebox" and "My Pillow is the Threshold" strike deep into the worldwide realm of the chart-worthy song. This is the sound that sold out countless shows across the globe on the first-ever Silver Jews tour back in 2005 and 2006. This is a sound for all nations. Witness the wide-hearted power of the chorus of "Strange Victory, Strange Defeat" or the ear-pleasuring chime of "Open Field" (a Maher Shalal Hash Baz cover), which will recall the footloose days of R.E.M. fandom before the rest of the world knew or cared - or didn't care anymore.

Here the urgent burst of life and how to live it is realized! Days of '80s-'90s flavor are aflame again in these tunes. For Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea's epic centerpiece, look no further than "San Francisco, B.C." A panorama of music history is on display behind Berman's fable of dovetailing fates, featuring the ominous appearance of Mr. Games - a Merry Pranksters version of "Street Hassle," if you will. As ever, history is longer than we think. Classic Silver Jews-isms signal our arrival into "Candy Jail," an institution overflowing with assorted titular sweets as well as a few bitter treats too.

Suddenly the sky is overhead as the breeze ruffs our hair and "Party Barge" is merrily launched. It's back to a state of nature for the finale, and with the realization that "We Might Be Looking for the Same Thing," along with all our other human feelings, we swing back to our local jungle, waving goodbye to David Berman and his bunch. An essential product of the times and another necessary album from the Silver Jews, not to mention their last to date!

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