Reading Material: Maggot Brain Issue #9 LP

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"Raymond Pettibon on the cover! And on the inside, in a wide-ranging and sweet interview by Adam Woodhead, Pettibon walks us through his entire career, and even makes economics sound interesting. Columns: Lucy Sante (their first autobiographical writing for us, touching and brilliant); Mimi Lipson with a tear-jerker of an advice column; The forgotten hip-hop column is on the enigmatic Son of Bazerk!; A look at forgotten early Hawaiian music in the reissue column; We go into detail about why the mysterious Seymour Glass from Bananafish matters so much; We revisit the roadside America column with a dinosaur theme because why not; There's a terrific first-person account of growing up in DC right when Fugazi hit and why that band was such a crucial signpost for misfits of all stripes at the time. Also featuring: Cheri Knight: The great Seattle-based scribe Dave Segal goes deep on this neglected experimental pop musician from Olympia in the '80s; David Nance: Editor Mike McGonigal is fascinated by the way Nance manages to mix up tributes, and collaborations, with such strong solo material; Amy Ruhl: The cinematic visual artist is explored in depth by Chelsea Wolfe; John Brannon: the most epic and excellent career spanning photo packed feature by photographer Doug Coombe; Melvins photo tour diary, entirely by Buzz Osbourne, photos and words; Lidia Yuknavitch: Alex Behr turned in a brilliant interview with the cult writer; Kan Mikami: The Japanese outsider blues-folk musician and actor is interviewed by the LA-based saxophone player and composer Patrick Shiroishi; The Willies: And here we have thanks to Tyler Wilcox the most Maggot Brain type article, a big in-depth, lyrical feature on the Feelies ambient offshoot who have never been written on in-depth; Sarah Elizabeth Schantz: We have some brilliant and timely fiction that deals with gun violence by this great writer."


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