Puddu, Alex: The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Vol. 3 LP

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Alex Puddu did it again!

The record you are holding in your hands is the third (and final?) instalment of the soundtrack composed by our hero for the third chapter of the DVD series “The Golden Age of Danish Pornography 1970-1974”. The project began in 2011, with the release of a collection of twelve 8mm vintage hardcore short movies from the early 70s directed by the pioneer of Danish porn cinema Freddy Weiss. A second DVD published by Jan Schmidt's Pink Flamingo Entertainment followed in 2014.

But the thing is that this third DVD has never been produced, and never will be…
So what’s the deal with this soundtrack?

So to boil it down, some of the tracks Alex was working on were almost completed; it took him little effort to finish those/ polish them off and add some outtakes originally thought for the first two albums and there we go!

Enough? Absolutely not!

So here's "Black Orgasm" (previously published only on 7” with the b-side "Naughty girls at the wild party" on Schema), "Sex Bar", "XXX Action" and "Feeling Saxy": for the first time these 4 tracks, which appeared only on a single or as CD bonus tracks on Volume 1, are now pressed on vinyl!

This ‘circle of pleasure’ comes to a closing, at least for what concern the soundtrack.

In fact, the guy behind this project is Jan Schmidt: a close friend of Alex, sharing his taste for Italian movies from the 60s and 70s and a love for their unparalleled soundtracks, Jan is the same old friend that produced Alex at the beginning of his solo artist career, with Alex Puddu and The Butterfly Collectors, right after the success of the Puddu-Varano duo.
When Jan decided to produce this DVD series and started to restore the original films, he realised that the original audio was lost forever, and immediately thought of involving Alex in writing a new soundtrack. He loved Alex’s groovy porn sound so deeply to feel compelled to write the liner notes of his second volume of tracks for The Golden Age of Danish Pornography.

And there is in fact a leitmotif that subtly connects these three X-rated albums, a red light that glows and illuminates the faces of the actors, a recognisable mark deriving from the perfect knowledge of the sound that made Italian library music and soundtrack famous in the past decades. And even this time, Alex is doing (almost) everything by himself – writing, arranging producing and performing by himself with little help from a few trusty friends.

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