Pigeon Breeders: Stasis CS

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Pigeon Breeders & Ghost Cars is the collaboration between Will Scott and Myles Bartel (Pigeon Breeders) and Matthew Belton (Ghost Cars), formed in 2019. Both projects are based in Edmonton, Alberta and have been notable acts in the experimental music community, since their respective formations – Pigeon Breeders in 2011, Ghost Cars in 2006. As a collaboration, they blend their influences to create an auditory whirlwind with elements of ambient, free improvisation, sound collage, psychedelic rock, and more.  Their first full-length album, Stasis, explores a slow decay of identity, habit, and connectedness and offers an ember of perseverance. The album was recorded over August and September of 2021 and followed the release of the July 19 2020 EP. As with previous releases by both projects, the source material was created out of free improvisation sessions. What sets Stasis apart is a more intensive selection process than on previous albums. The group experimented with and distilled 3 hours’ worth of material in order to reveal the essence of those sessions and the project’s unique dynamics.

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