Nirvana: Incesticide LP

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And so, in the fiscally dark years between Nevermind and the much-delayed In Utero, Geffen Records cobbled together a pile of Nirvana b-sides and out-takes, and were so glad they had something to bleed the hungry grunge-hordes dry with that they allowed Cobain to give it the poisonous title Incesticide. As cash-ins go, it's one of the more essential ones: obviously there simply aren't that many Kurt Cobain songs in existence, and the inclusion of the incredibly rare single "Sliver" and the insanely catchy "Mexican Seafood" will gladden any Nirvana fan's heart. The 50s' pop parody of "Hairspray Queen" reminds us that--hey!--Kurt was a funny guy too, and "Aero Zeppelin" and "Big Long Now" would hardly look out of place on either Nevermind or In Utero. And the liner-notes--a Cobain-penned rant begging all jocks, homophobes, racists and sexists not to buy his records--are a piece of rock history in their own right. --Caitlin Moran

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