Nebular Wave: A Polarized Planetoid LP

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"swaddled in disinformation, with the blathering of a million quacks for a cradle, we spin ever wider in the spiritual gyre, until we can no longer conceive the center, with wild eyes we try to make sense of it, but our voices are drowned out, drawn to the left and to the right, as we spiral closer to the irresistible pull of a polarized planetoid."  -anonymous.  Edmonton Alberta's Psychedelic Progressive Rock duo Nebular Wave returns with their third full length LP, A Polarized Planetoid.  Over the course of the six instrumental tracks, the band melds keyboard and synth loops with organic elements of guitar and percussion to  create a true multidimensional space out. "In the end, Nebular Wave is both the name of the band and an apt description of the listening experience--spacey, dystopian--frantic at times, tranquil at others, enigmatic, yet precise, rising and cresting and collapsing in any given moment as the sound morphs and evolves over the 40+ minutes.  Enjoy the ride, I say."  -- Dan Kennard, The Spill Magazine    

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