Kris & Tavi: Chiral CS

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Kris & Tavi are a two piece band comprised of foothill dwelling multi-instrumentalists Peter Kris and Tara Tavi. On their latest release under this name, the anti-fracking, pro-cannabis activists (“Kris and Tavi” is an anagram of “drink sativa”) simulate reverb guitar and echoed vocals by manipulating field recordings of environmental destruction, a painstaking process of digital layering, processing and editing. The last track on the album is constructed entirely from sounds recorded at a drilling site in northern British Columbia on the autumnal equinox of 2020.

It is rumored that Peter Kris and Tara Tavi are / were in bands such as Amps For Christ, Auto Da Fe, German Army, Final Cop, Q///Q, Germ Class, Soddamn Inssein, Aye Aye Captain, ThunderSnail, Bavaria, Savage Republic, Blue Silk Sutures, Concrete Colored Paint, Body Image Calendar, Body Habitat, MERX, Submissions and 0824.

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