Kink Gong: Zomianscape I-II LP

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A great album here on Bruxelles independed record label Esitu - field recordings by Berlin's Laurent Jeanneau aka King Gong whose output with about 150 mostly self released albums over the last 20 years or so is just phenonemal. Two lengthy tracks, one per side, of about 20 minutes long each. Edition of 300 copies, silkscreened at Atelier Ice Screen - Brussels, and individually hand numbered. Artwork by João Basto.  Kink Gong — Zomianscape I & II

"When asked what were my early influences in music were, I get reminded of my teenage years in Parisian suburbs, simultaneously discovering from public libraries two important French record labels : OCORA and GRM.Then the roots of my interest in traditional music and electro-acoustic experiments grew into doing it myself, recording ethnic minorities of the zomian plateau of south-east Asia and composing a soundscape around it. This is what is happening here." — Laurent Jeanneau aka KINK GONG "Kink Gong works with what is unknown to him as an artist who’s attracted by beauty and strangeness. He was sucked in by the desire to discover and record ethnic minority music isolated from dominating cultures within south-east Asia, to make more than one hundred and fifty albums over these last twenty years. Kink Gong has been leaning towards strange marriages, building on these raw materials. He makes music from his own recordings and rather uses his own recordings then synth. They are lived moments that combine place, people and music, as if they were made out of the same material."

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