King Crimson: The ReconstruKction of Light LP

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A new series of King Crimson 2LP-sets covering Thrak, The ReconstruKction Of Light and The Power To Believe will be released in September 2019, bringing these albums to vinyl for the very first time. This first time vinyl version of The ReconstruKction of Light appears in an expanded edition with the acclaimed 2019 mix of the main album - with newly recorded drum parts - and Heaven and Earth by ProjeKct X taking up sides one, two and three, and side four featuring two live recordings taken from the Heaven & Earth boxed set (the powerful improv: "Mastelotticus SS Blasticus" and "The Deception of the Thrush" – a live favorite that was, inexplicably, never recorded by KC in the studio during that period. Double 200g vinyl LP cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp.

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