k.burwash: lotl qs LP

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What is there to say about k.buwash’s “lotl qs”? While preparing for it's release, I’ve listened to this album front to back at least 20 times. And that doesn’t include the earlier versions. I’ve become infatuated with the journey of sound it has to offer. It reminds me of some of my ambient favourites of the past (Biosphere’s “Substrata'', Tomáš Dvořák’s “Machinarium”, and the latter half of Minilogue’s “Animals”). The music instills images in the mind that eventually become benchmark imaginations that come back with each album play-through. The opener “still, when” instantly plunges you into a tornado of light and colour which slowly disappears leaving you floating in the air. "Waves of Coloured Light" is different from the rest of the album in the way of which it develops; The track is a slow mountain climb towards the summit which gives off an auditory spectacle of piercing bright, powerful sound. “Haut Spring” feels like, well, relaxing in a hot spring; perhaps while under the stars with someone you love. This track has an honest feeling of comfort to it which I absolutely adore. The comfort continues into the final track “Brian on the Beach” but this time it’s less momentary and deeper, more permanent. I can't get over how perfect of an ending this is. It just leaves you with that "everything's gonna be alright" feeling, ya know?

"lotl qs" is K.Burwash's second full-length album; a dazzling follow-up to his heavy-hitting debut Moonlanding (released on Pseudo Laboratories). It is an honour that Saw-whet Records gets to share this music with you. Take the time to let your mind journey beyond while forgetting those daily tensions. At least for these 42 minutes. "

Ethan Bokma, Saw-whet Records

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