Hercules & Love Affair: In Amber LP

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Hercules & Love Affair – a project led by DJ and producer Andy Butler – returns with their first new album since 2017's OmnionIn Amber also finds Butler collaborating with ANOHNI for the first time since "Blind" from Hercules' self-titled 2008 debut. "In dance music, the focus is more on celebration, joy, desire, sadness," Butler said. "But anger? Life meditation? Not so much...some emotions seem limitless. In some ways, 'In Amber' is a record I did not know I had. As an artist who has always put my personal life experience ahead of my work, not to mention the turmoil of living in these recent times, I can't in good conscience do something comfortable. I had to express my discomfort. Making a '90s sounding techno or house record, or a weird' 80s sounding dance track isn't anything I have to do."

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