Fall: This Nation's Saving Grace LP

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Describing The Fall to a new listener is a task that even the most talented word smith would find problem with. A mixture of punk fury, spoken word and shamanic chanting that basks in repeated, near-cacophonous guitar riffs and tribal drum textures...it’s more simple to sum up by stating ‘that’s The Fall’. Particularly Mark E Smith; the only remaining founding member who makes up ‘the pole’ to the ‘ever revolving door of member changes’ idiom, he has led the band through unrelenting decades of musical manufacture - ignorant of trend and fashion - to establish himself as a bonafide, alternative music landmark.
The Fall followed on the heels of their groundbreaking 1984 release, The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall, with the 1985 masterwork This Nation's Saving Grace which like its predecessor is hailed as one of the greatest recordings of the '80s. Drawing from a well of primal rock ‘n’ roll, the band play with muscular spontaneity and inspiration here to create music that still sounds unique and challenging thirty years later. Look no further than diverse album standouts like "Barmy," "What You Need," "L.A.," "Gut of the Quantifier" and "Paintwork" for the sonic evidence. This LP has been mastered from HD files transferred from the analog tapes. 
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