Elevator: August Extra (colour) LP

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Welcome to the newly remastered and much expanded version of ELEVATOR's final album "August" released on CD and Vinyl through Blue Fog Recordings in 2004. We originally hoped to do a double album but soon realized we couldn't afford it so we cut it down to 12 songs, leaving some favourites in the can until now. For this special release, all the songs from the original album plus the 11 "Extra" tracks were remastered from the original DAT stereo masters in spring 2020.

Work on the album began in Moncton when Mark and i recorded 4-track demos while i was home visiting in August 2003. Once back in Toronto i played with the demos until Mark came up for some shows in October and we re-recorded the drums better with our 1/2" 8-track. Tara's bass and vocals were added as well as several extra guitar tracks by Dallas before i moved back to Moncton in December and continued to work on the 20 plus songs we'd started through the winter and spring.

A couple of the tunes were either/or picks, like "She Warms" which is written over the same drum track as "Memories of you", and "Why ask again" which is an alternate version of the concept we had for "Where is the end?". A few other songs included in the Extra's here are straight from the summer 2003 demos and "The Seed" is built up from a looped section of drums made from the middle of "The Change" demo. "Buried" was the last song we recorded as Elevator, actually done shortly after finishing the album. Kind of a perfectly symbolic tune to end on really. I've also included some of the short remixed clips that i originally planned to have sit between all the tracks of the album but decided against at the last minute. Hope you dig hearing all the extra tunes, it's nice to have them all together again. -Rick

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