Electro Keyboard Orchestra: s/t (Clear) LP

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Masahiko Sato, Masao Yagi, Hiromasa Suzuki, Yuji Ohno, Kentaro Haneda, Hideo Ichikawa, Shigehito Ohara, Sadayasu Fujii. 20 synthesizers operated by eight of Japan’s leading keyboard players. The album “Electro Keyboard Orchestra” that has captivated a wide range of people from Japanese jazz-rare groove-hip hop with the inspiration and sparkle of the groove to the keyboard orchestra music. “The Heated Point” with a wide variety of keyboards, the theme song “The Iron Side” of the US detective drama “Ohno Police Department Iron Side”, which is often called the strongest version, Carlos desperately in agony in the heavy groove crawling on the ground ・ All songs such as “Mother Of The Future” by Garnett are outstanding!

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