Drain: Living Proof LP

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Santa Cruz quartet Drain inject a serious dose of relatability – not to mention catchiness – into hardcore's penchant for toughness and brutality on their Epitaph debut Living Proof. Sammy Ciaramitaro's desperate, snotty howl rides roughshod over thrash-leaning riffage as rhythms bounce in a big way. If you're picturing the Pacific Ocean waves that rise and fall along the coastal town, occasionally violently so, you're not far off. Produced by longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Young (God's Hate, Suicide Silence), then mixed by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Koyo), this is hardcore for everybody. From opener "Run Your Luck" to the closing title track, between surefire pit-pleaser "Imposter" to solo-charged anthem "Weight of the World," Living Proof is a surefire spark-to-flame for a band that can't help but be anything but themselves. 

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