Death Grips: No Love Deep Web LP

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No Love Deep Web is the controversial second studio album from Sacramento, CA experimental hip-hop act Death Grips - featuring vocalist Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett and production team Zach Hill and Andy "Flatlander" Morin - which the group originally leaked for free online in October of 2012 due to release complications with Epic Records who subsequently dropped them. 
Featuring a darker and more minimal style than their acclaimed debut The Money Store, No Love Deep Web is officially being issued on vinyl for the first time courtesy of Harvest Records. Death Grips is currently working on their third album which will be released on the group's own Third Worlds imprint in 2014. 
"It's as if No Love Deep Web was written and recorded knowing that its ultimate fate would either kill or catapult Death Grips. Essentially, the risk becomes the biggest reward." -  Grayson Currin, Pitchfork
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