Dead Moon: In The Graveyard LP

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Clackamas, OR's Dead Moon is truly one of the most independent and revered Northwest underground bands of all time. With Fred Cole on guitar and vocals, his wife Toody on bass and vocals, and the indefatigable Andrew Loomis on drums, Dead Moon have been churning out their own indescribable brand of rock and roll for nearly 20 years now. Their dedication and love for each other and what they do make it unlikely they will be stopping anytime soon.

In 1987, after years spent playing in and releasing records by a dizzying succession of bands, Fred and Toody recruited Loomis to play drums for a new rock and roll band that would be stripped to its rawest essentials: electric guitar and bass with no effects, simple, powerful drumming, and tough, impassioned vocals (from both Fred and Toody). A red moon Fred and Toody saw on the way home from one of their many trips to Reno spawned the name for the new band, and Fred's desperate, intense and haunting lyrics fit perfectly.

A new label was formed (Tombstone Records: "Music Too Tough to Die") and Dead Moon began releasing a slew of unforgettable home-recorded gems starting in 1988 with their first 7" of the oft-covered "Parchment Farm" and "Hey Joe," followed closely by the "Don't Burn the Fires" 7" and the full-length In The Graveyard. Fred would cut the vinyl masters to nearly Dead Moon's entire catalog with a birthday present from Toody: the same 1954 mono lathe used to cut the The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie."

An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country, and every other American music worth a damn, debut In The Graveyard is lo-fi as hell and features such all time catalog classics as "Graveyard" (a 13th Floor Elevators type vibrating psychedelic song), "Don't Burn The Fires" and "I Hate The Blues." Long out of print, In The Graveyard has been remastered from the original tapes and is back on vinyl for the first time in years!

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