Clash: Sandinista! LP

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The 1970s punk movement gave birth to some important bands, but none were more important than The Clash. They pushed and broke musical boundaries, while fusing musical experimentation with a socio-political conscience and it's hard to think of a band before or since that have exerted such universal influence. 
Their passionate, political agenda continues to inspire new fans and musicians alike. Indeed, the issues The Clash tackled are as relevant today as they were in the late '70s/early '80s. Dubbed "the only band that matters" in their heyday, the same could be said almost 40 years later.
Controversially released on three vinyl discs in 1980, Sandinista! shows the group on a creative roll, adding dub, rap and jazz to an already diverse musical palette. Taking its name from Nicaragua's left-wing rebel force, the album tackles subjects including US foreign policy, Vietnam, and Cold War tensions. Recorded in Jamaica, London and most significantly New York, where the growing hip-hop scene inspired The Clash to write the first ever UK rap record, "The Magnificent Seven." Voted album of the year by the Village Voice.
Newly remastered by The Clash from the original tapes and pressed on audiophile quality 180g triple vinyl. All artwork recreated from the original release including exclusive poster.
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