Charlatan: The Glass Borders CS

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Charlatan is the solo synth/ambient project of Brad Rose. A person well known for their contributions to the experimental and DIY music space ranging from their influential Digitalis imprint, to their music outlet Foxy Digitalis and their plethora of musical projects as The North Sea, Charlatan, Altar Eagle and many others. On “The Glass Borders”, their first album for Moon Glyph, the music deftly blends field recordings, crystalline ambience and propulsive synth arpeggios. The first track “All Your Gifts Are Weightless” is an album-like journey itself, blending between various movements rooted in Rose’s experience of fatherhood, celebrating the joy and reflecting on the transience of it all. The second half dives deeper into the heavier elements eventually resolving into a place of peace and appreciation, hanging on to the moments that last forever.

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