Bjork: Greatest Hits LP

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IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, YOU ALREADY OWN AND CHERISH EVERY BJORK LP UP TO THE RELEASE OF GREATEST HITS (and none of the ones that came after. But if not, that's fine). And, if you're like me, you won't dismiss this simply because it says "Greatest Hits" on the cover - don't play yourself. For starters, Bjork didn't choose the songs herself (shout to Robert Smith), nor did her label (shout to Nas). The tracklist was chosen by fans via a survey posted on her website back in 2001, shortly after the release of Vespertine. So you don't necessarily get the highest charting tracks, but you do get the most beloved ones, including the rare and definitive 'video version' of "All Is Full Of Love," which appears here on vinyl for the first time. Also, as is the case with most greatest hits compilations, the artist tacks on an unreleased song for good measure; in this case, the Matmos-produced, Gigi Masin-sampling Vespertine leftover "It's In Our Hands," which is so good that if it had been included on Vespertine it would have ended up here anyway. Bjork shot a video for the track with Spike Jonze to coincide with the release of Greatest Hits, which recently found its way to a Girl skate deck. We can't think of a single song more deserving of inclusion on the comp than these, 15 of Bjork's most sublime and heart-wrenching compositions to date. Recommended.

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