Bitchin Bajas: Bajascillators LP

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With a tactile clunk, Bajascillators bubbles to the surface. "Amorpha," a side-long shower of synthetic bells and bass, as patterns interlock and repeat and the beat within the barlines shifts constantly, forms a new, latest miniature of infinity. You flip it, and "Geomancy" resets you, starting anew, with heavy drift and drone leading into a space of shorter broken lines and middle-eastern tonalities, that roll back into ether again – new spaces, but mysteriously consonant with the vibe. And that's how it goes – side by side, Bajascillators rolls four unique numbers that act on their own and as extensions of each other, phases in perfect flow. Each time, as the needle cradles into the playout groove, you the listener are becalmed, in stasis, forever changed. Until you flip the side – and forever changes again...

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