Pye Corner Audio: Half Light LP

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Pye Corner Audio’s slow techno suite Prowler (2015) is rendered in Half-Light via remixes from Silent Servant, Not Waving, Clesse (Jon Brooks), and Cloudface, alongside two acid and industrial slugs from The Head Technician Martin Jenkins hisself. The two PCA originals are ace: Corrupt Data roll out seriously hefty square bass and suspenseful pads precipitating an acid line that eats it from inside out and up to the bittersweet, whereas Octal Run, on the other hand, is one of his eeriest warehouse groove, like John Carpenter soundtracking the last goblin standing in a cavernous shell at 8am. And you can trust Jenkins’ mutual Ghost Box spirit Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle, Georges Vert) to suit the remix brief with his first release as Clesse, turning She Hunts At Night into a lush, shapeshifting acid beauty, while Silent Servant also impresses with an off-kilter, opiated reduction of Morning stung up with EBM jabs, and Ecstatic label boss Alessia Natalizia a.k.a. Not Waving clearly has fun charging Prowler with rabid, rasping drum machines. Not bad for the first ever remixes of PYA. Not bad at all.

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