Band, R: TerrorVision OST LP

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WRWTFWW Records announces the official reissue of Richard Band's director's cut soundtrack for sci-fi horror comedy classic, TerrorVision (1986). People of Earth Your planet is about to be destroyed... We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Conceived as a late 1960s Lost in Space type score with an '80s electronic twist, TerrorVision is one of the most unique soundtracks in Richard Band's discography. Part oddball adventure, part eerie soundscape, it mixes the fun and flashy colors of the era with synth explorations that flirt with minimalism and experimental music. Band composed with a Yamaha CS70 plus twin ARP 2800s, a mini Moog synthesizer, as well as DX5 and DX7 keyboards, creating a groovy twilight zone of electrifying alien funk. The soundtrack also includes five numbers by deliriously wild LA band The Fibonaccis. One of a kind -- like the movie itself! This is released in conjunction with the soundtracks of Empire Pictures' Ghoulies (WRWTFWW 047CD/LTD) and Troll (WRWTFWW 045CD/LTD), also out on WRWTFWW Records. Established by producer and director Charles Band in 1983, Empire Pictures quickly became notorious for the horror-comedy classics made during its brief but legendary lifespan. With wild special effects, outrageous humor and over-the-top horror action, GhouliesTroll, and TerrorVision were three of Empire's finest works, and each movie featured an unforgettable score by Charles's award-winning composer brother, Richard Band. Includes liner notes by Richard Band himself. 180 gram blue vinyl; heavy gatefold sleeve with full movie gallery, obi strip, video store stickers.

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