Various: Greasy Mike - Shipwrecked on a Tropical Island LP

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More in the new series from Jazzman featuring the lowest of the lowball schlock n' roll 45s never known to exist. After many years in hiding, notoriously shady Super Spiv of the record world Greasy Mike has finally opened up his vinyl dungeon, and Jazzman Records were first to raid it! They have left no box untouched, no crate unrummaged, no pile unpilfered! Just the greasiest and grimiest, the most shocking and sordid 45s have made it onto Jazzman's selections. On this occasion Greasy Mike reminisces about the time he was shipwrecked and washed up all alone on a remote island in the South Pacific. But, ever the resourceful, Mike did not despair! Grooving to the beat in the tropical heat, his desert island discs kept him cruising while coconut moonshine kept him boozing. Dig this, swashbucklers! Features Alfredo Martinez, Phyllis Branch, Jack Medell, Harvey Anderson, Maria Elena, Robert Mersey, Ty & Ed, Blue Bells, Coral & the South Seas, Vitin Aviles y Su Orquesta, Dariel Kay, Hank Levine, Hector Cari & the Dancing Strings, Davy Jones & the Dolphins, Jim Solley & the Lubocs, and Rick & Trisha.

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