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ELEVATOR's "Darkness-Light", made in 2002, was a concept type album in two halves. First the heavy scary dark aftermath of Elevator's last few years on side one, then rising into a positive light jazzy folk rock type sound on side two. Dallas Good really helped bring together that side especially and once finished, we thought we'd explore that sound a little deeper and turn it into another project of its own.

We soon started demoing songs and working out ideas and by early 2003 plans were made to record an album. The two of us became a band with the rest of the Sadies on board, as well as our good friend Greg Keelor. He offered us time at his sweet home studio to record the album, and once out there, the beautiful location lent itself nicely to the shaping of what we were to create.

Out in the Ontario countryside, and during a snowstorm most of the time, we laid 12 songs down over six days with a woodstove burning and lots of hash. On the last day we did a good final mix of the whole thing and released an 11 song album on Blue Fog Recordings later that year. We only did a CD release at the time, but i always wished we did a vinyl version as well because it's an album that i'm especially proud of.

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