Tekarra: Kicking Horse LP

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4 years after their successful self-titled debut, doom trio TEKARRA have returned with their second full-length LP KICKING HORSE. Amidst the original covid-19 confusion and subsequent tour cancellation, Tekarra began piecing together what would become the follow-up to their crushing debut. Recording sessions took place September 2020 at Lee Valley Studios by Jake Ian and mastering was carried out by Esben Willems (Monolord) at Studio Beserk in Gothenburg. As for the music itself; The compositions still reach great lengths, the riffs still carry monolithic weight. And yet, the trudge through nature's ranges has become more unforgiving than ever before. KICKING HORSE brings down the unfathomable and it does not ease up until it's over. This is Tekarra at their darkest and bleakest yet Available now on vinyl through Saw-whet Records (Canada) and on CD by LSDR Records (Mexico).

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