Sunroof: Electronic Music Improvisation, Vol. 1 LP

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Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1 is a collection of eight improvised modular pieces recorded in various studio spaces across London in the spring and summer of 2019 by Sunroof aka Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones. Gareth and Daniel's journey toward Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1 can be traced from the first remixes they did as Sunroof in the mid-nineties; or further back to late 1982, when Daniel first asked Gareth to work with him at The Garden studio on what became Depeche Mode's Construction Time Again. The pieces on Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1 have a timelessness evoking the classic sound of the earliest electronic experiments. They also sound resolutely modern, being born from the compact, contemporary and more affordable modular technology that both Gareth and Daniel have become fascinated by in recent years, and which they practice with on a daily basis. 

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