Subotnick, Morton: Silver Apples of the Moon LP

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Waveshaper Media's deluxe, 50th-anniversary-edition vinyl reissue of Morton Subotnick's landmark 1967 debut electronic LP, "Silver Apples of the Moon." Limited to 1000 copies, with nearly 600 copies already pre-sold via Indigogo, here are some of the features that make this 50th-anniversary-edition special: Audio has been REMASTERED from original, pre-mastered digital tape transfers. Unlike previous reissues of this LP (both vinyl and CD), remastered for Wergo's 1994 CD edition and narrowing the recording's stereo field, our reissue has been remastered maintaining the full stereo field of the original recording. Strictly limited to 1000 copies. All-new, full-colour gatefold jacket. Brand new liner notes by Morton Subotnick. The original, iconic liquid-light cover artwork by Tony Martin has been re-scanned for full-resolution clarity. Featuring rarely-seen, newly-scanned photos of Morton Subotnick in his Bleecker Street studio where "Silver Apples..." was recorded. Also includes a scan of the LP's original Nonesuch-edition liner notes.

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