Subotic, Mitar & Goran Vejvoda: Dreambird LP

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Serbian ambient legends Mitar Subotić (aka Suba aka Rex Ilusivii) and Goran Vejvoda are subject to worthy reissue of their blissed 1987 salvo, courtesy of ace Brazilian label, Lugar Alto - RIYL Spencer Clark! Neatly poised to precede a reissue of Subotić & Vejvoda’s rare trio work with Milan Mladenović, ‘The Dreambird’ comes from a relative blindspot in ambient annals for reissue 30 years after its release by the Brazilian Catholic label Comunicações Edições Paulinas, and some 35 since it was recorded in Paris. The immersive, hour long work came about during Goran Vejvoda’s time in Paris, when he moved there after playing a crucial role in establishing the Serbian ‘80s underground.  Pairing languorous synths with samples of a Japan-issued CD of exotic birds and waves on the shores of in the Seychelles, the raw results were passed to Mitar Subotić, who adapted the sketches for an installation soundtrack held by the Danube in Novi Sad, accompanied by a laser show. Five years later, after Subotić moved to Brazil, he convinced nuns who ran a label he was working with to issue ‘The Dreambird’ as an album he craftily sold to them as a “meditation” aid. Largely unknown outside of Brazil, the album now gets its 2nd run in the sun, bathing a new wave of ambient users with a genuinely blissed selection of FM synth tones and colourfully plumed birdcalls that settle on the mind somewhere between sublime spa music and imaginary ethnomusicological ambient. If you’re feeling it, do make sure to keep them peepers peeled for the forthcoming Uprooted 7” starring a downtempo club gem from the same guys.

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