Sonic Youth: The Eternal LP

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In 2009 Sonic Youth returned to an indie label after years of being on Geffen, with their sixteenth proper studio album, the aptly titled The Eternal. Self described as a "celebration of newfound freedom," The Eternal is a supercharged rocker, recalling aspects of the Evol-Sister-Daydream Nation holy trinity but with cleaner, louder production and more straightforward momentum.

With Pavement's Mark Ibold joining on bass, and producer John Agnello back at the controls, The Eternal takes the melodic songwriting of 2006's Rather Ripped and slams down the accelerator pedal. The band's self-written bio references as influences: hardcore punk matinees; both the MC5 AND Sonic's Rendezvous Band; Neu!, Kevin Ayers, and the Wipers. The Eternal served as the most alive, excited album the band had made in a long time.

"Sure, other bands skew further towards the avant-garde. Yet no rock group better views guitars, amplifiers, and drums as a core heap of wires, strings, skins, and plugs that, once reassembled and re-imagined, produces exhilarating music that violates rules and inverts perspectives within accessible melodic frameworks. Sparked by a forward-driving momentum, The Eternal engages by way of alternate tunings, tonal shadings, sulfuric harmonics, and radical chords." - Bob Gendron, TONE Audio, Issue 22

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