Smith, Kaitlyn Aurelia & Emile Mosseri: I Could Be Your Dog/I Could Be Your Moon (transparent blue) LP

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Kaityln Aurelia Smith meets Hollywood composer Emile Mosseri on 'I Could Be Your Dog', a romantic, genre-fluid collaboration that drifts from shimmering indie into new age electronics, choral music, expressive surrealism and nostalgic, Enya-esque pop.

Smith was moved to contact Mosseri while she was watching 2019's 'The Last Black Man In San Francisco', a fellow alumnus at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music. The two soon realized they were neighbors in Los Angeles, and went hiking together a few times before collaborating - Smith would send over synth sketches and Mosseri harmonized with them, trading files in the remote bleakness of 2020's lockdown.

The result is a coherent collection of music that plays like a soundtrack, deploying a set of interconnected cues with longer, more weighty tracks like the  opener 'Log in your Fire' that sounds almost like Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors with rich orchestration, swooping vocals and memorable hooks. The title track is made up of vocals from both artists, molded into choral oohs that dissolve into nostalgic mellotron drones, and stand-out track 'Gelndora' takes on an Enya-like quality, offsetting sampled vox with electronic bird calls. 

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