SiP/Prezzano: s/t CS

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SiP/Prezzano is the collaboration between Pete Prezzano (Love All Day records) and Jimmy Lacy (SiP). Prezzano on modular synth and melodica and Lacy on synthesizers, drum box and percussion. These songs have been bubbling under the surface since 2018/2019 and were performed live in Chicago, eventually honed into the playful melodicism that’s ever-present on “SiP/Prezzano.” The collaboration sounds natural and effortless, a seamless blending of two distinct musical personalities. With percussive and modular backing, the interweaving melodica and lead synths cosmically zone-out or stroll along with a lighthearted serenity. The like-minded vision and modal melodic sensibility from both players highlight their ability to create something both distinctly theirs and summarily its own.

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