Plone: Puzzlewood LP

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Ghost Box pursue that Paul Weller pearl with the return of tweetronic ticklers Plone, some 20 years after their sole album for Warp. For anyone grey enough to remember Plone’s ‘For Beginner Piano’, the retro-vintage winks and nods of ‘Puzzlewood’ will be a big dose of nostalgia. Still going on like it’s the ’60’s/‘90s and everyone lives in a soft focus dreamworld where all the kids TV stars haven’t yet publicly revealed their reptilian forms, the Birmingham trio spin out streams of giddy melody and Butlins’ beat fluff that surely recaptures the innocence of their early records. If you’re looking for an escape pod from the modern state of existential dread, this album is it. Dippy Radiophonic themes for educational programmes bubbles up in ‘Years and Elements’, and the likes of ‘Build a Small Fire’ and ‘Day Trip’ are absolute nuggets of rose-tinted ‘80s disco that reek of musty charity shops. Together with wistful gestures like ‘Circler’ and ‘Red Kite’, and the shiny red bow of ‘Sweet Shop’ with its Speak & Spell vocals, it’s almost too much to take. But if you like your vintage sugar rushes, it's like tooth-rottingly sweet stuff.

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