Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin: FlySiifu's (2LP orange vinyl) LP

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Fly Siifu is a new collaborative project by Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin. Their debut album, FlySiifu’s, unites two prolific rappers with infectious chemistry. The album mirrors their musical community, as they welcome guests into FlySiifu’s record store, with appearances from Liv.e, Fousheé, $ILKMONEY, and producers Madlib, Jay Versace, Ohbliv, Awhlee, Budgie, Playa Haze, Animoss and more. “Fly Siifu has all of our attention. The pair sound as soothing as a day spent sitting on the porch with your grandparents. Fly Siifu have found something special.” PITCHFORK “One of the most intriguing musicians in Black music.” THE FADER on Pink Siifu “Anakin’s detail isn’t a skill that could just be picked up from studying the legends of the genre, it’s a gift.” PITCHFORK "One of the illest MCs." MADLIB on Fly Anakin

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