Piccioni, Piero: Il Dio Sotto La Pelle LP

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One of Piero Piccioni's best contributions for the seveth art. Recorded for the homonymous documentary (1974) by Folco Quilici and Carlo Alberto Pinelli, looking for some people who reject civilization to withdraw in nature and peace, Il Dio Sotto La Pelle was released for the first time in 2000, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after records by many collectors and fans. Musica Per Immagini and Sonor Music Editions release a renewed edition of Il Dio Sotto La Pelle, where jazz, exotic and lounge music and psychedelia are mixed in an admirable way: introduced by the dreamy voice of Catherine Howe for "It's Possible", Piero Piccioni's organ gives you fragments of a dazzling splendor such as "Night To Come" or "Give Love A Chance", while "Inventions" and "Katmandu" handed down to the posterity the guitarist vein of the opera, demonstration of the period of great creativity crossed by the Italian composers, capable of filtering their traditional and classical action with some rock elements. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle is available again as double-LP album with tracks remastered by Claudio Fuiano from first generation master tapes and sequenced by Lorenzo Fabrizi. Also including twelve unreleased gems, new graphics inspired by the original posters. Designed by Luca Barcellona and Marco Ferretti's liner notes.

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